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Here is how you can go about turning your duties as achievements in your resume: Duty: A duty describes what you did Accomplishment: How well did you do you duty?Explaining through an example, “selling insurance” is a duty but raised “achieved sales target by selling general insurance policies” is an achievement. You want to tell the person who is reading your resume things she/he doesn’t know.

Remember, that when it comes to your position now, you don’t need to go through your daily to-do list and write every little task down.Continue to list your education at the top of your resume, but focus on the basics: your degree, the date of the degree and your major.If you were a member of a fraternity or sorority, mention that in a bullet point; after all, you never know when a hiring manager might be a Greek brother or sister.Make your resume look professional when you are one job away from college.Delete the College References Now that you are out of college, no one cares about your grade-point average any more.

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  1. I sent my glistening new creation to a trusted friend for feedback, and on the other end of the email, I got…crickets. Things change FAST these days, and my two-page behemoth wasn’t cutting it. Luckily, updating my resumé for 2014 didn’t have to be that hard. These days, potential employers still want to be able to skim your resumé for the important stuff. Or, ditch that paragraph entirely and use up that space to show your accomplishments, saving the explanations for the cover letter.