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However, they don't seem to be working in this newer version. Mail keeps telling me that my settings are "out of date," but my password is current, which I have already verified. I have been using one of these email addresses as my Windows Live/Microsoft Account/email for years and a few days ago it suddenly stopped working and no other email address I try to setup does not work either.

After reading your post, I went to Yahoo and tried to log into my main account.Client-based e-mail programs need to be set up on each of your computers that you want to use to access your e-mail. Reliability Your mail is stored online so its there for you whenever you have a connection to the Internet. With AT&T Webmail you can keep as much as you want on our servers, for as long as you like.That means youll need to know things like our server names, port numbers, etc. With client-based E-mail programs, if your hard drive crashes or the software fails, you can lose all your mail. With client-based e-mail Programs your messages and attachments are stored on your computer using up your hard disk space which can slow down your computer. Spam monitoring You can easily review the suspected spam messages we've put into your spam folder and determine how each one should be handled in the future. Associated tools AT&T Webmail offers more than just mail!I am using the advanced mailbox settings and am using the "net" and "net" for the inbound and outbound messages and the POP3 selection.I am using those settings on my laptop and they work just fine.

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