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) So to summarise, my symptoms are: 1) Fresh bright red blood on toilet paper 2) Bright red blood at the end of each pinched stool in the toilet 3) Mucus generally pre-bowel movement ranging from clear water like to thicker yellow/pinkish 4) Discomfort on sitting, coughing, sneezing, laughing, walking 5) Itching which comes and goes and is intense when it does happen 6) A small hard nodule at the anterior that is very sensitive to touch and wipe, which sort of sits within the sphincter opening (sometimes its a little further out, sometimes its further in - itching occurs more when its out) 7) A tightness feeling in my anus, and sometimes feeling as though I need to have a bowel movement more than I really do I have been to my GP (27th Dec) and he performed a digital rectal exam and said "everything seemed fine" inside, but did focus a little on the nodule at the opening and agreed there was something there.

I had hoped he would say its a hemorrhoid and send me packing with some pharma grade cream to resolve, he never mentioned hemmorhoids at all He asked me about healthcare and I told him I have private care through my work so he asked me to book an apointment with a colorectal consultant and he would arrange the refferal paper I have since done this and am booked in on 5th Jan I am freaking out somewhat about this and have been wishing the days away over the Christmas break to get to the consultants office in the new year As you can imagine Dr Google hasnt been very helpful and has caused me more anxiety :( Yeah but in the meantime you should get some hemorrhoid cream and apply it to the hemorrhoid anyway, while you're waiting to see the next doctor, because it will actually help with the itching and swelling in the meantime. I've had one of those before and they about drove me nuts. Well sometimes they act like that and send you to someone else who knows more about it as a precautionary measure.

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It was after this point I developed a yellowy/clear/pinkish discharge from my anus which needed me to constantly visit the toilet to clean up as best I could with wipes (more soothing!!I thought I might have just had a small tear on my sphincter from doing this.However this blood has persisted and has been gradually getting heavier and heavier over the last few weeks and now its starting to worry me more.He/she just might not know enough about it as much as you or me, even though he/she is a doctor, but would rather someone else with more experience look at it, just to be on the safe side. That's what I've looked like in the past, after reading what Dr. Just got back from the consultant, he asked lots of questions and I regurgitated all the info above, he then had a good rummage around and confirmed it's an..... From what I understand, an anal fistula is a small channel that opens up between the inside of the anal canal and the outside of the anus.Name: Evil toilet PE v.0.9.2 Mail: i [email protected]: i Miceman Type: Single Player Editor: DOOMEdit (Doom Radiant) Release: September 3 2004 Description: On idea, this that place before that as pinky has returned to eat fat zombie from alpha version of Doom3.

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