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But Taylor Momsen, who played Little J, and Chace Crawford, who played golden boy Nate Archibald, both said they weren’t too keen on a comeback as it would tarnish the series.

Previously, Ed Westwick, aka bad boy Chuck Bass, also refuted revival rumors.

Gossip Girl fans are going pretty crazy over the news that one of the cast is having a baby with another teen show star.

Leighton Meester is expecting her first child with hubby Adam Brody, aka Seth Cohen from The O. The actress pretty much gave the game away when she was snapped with a growing baby bump recently during a lunch date in Los Angeles – awww!

But the show, with its dark storylines, wonderful fashion and sexy views of Manhattan's wealthiest lifestyles, is addictive - and it is no wonder that it is being touted as TV's new Sex And The City.

Wicked whispers: Gossip Girl's stars (from left) Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen One of the reasons for its irresistibility is the best-looking member of the cast now sitting right in front of me.

You hear people say "Yes" all the time and an ego builds up.

'It can be a bit weird when you are in a restaurant and people are staring. It means I stay in a lot and have people over for dinner.' Gossip Girl has been produced by The OC creator Josh Schwartz and is based on a series of best-selling books by former private schoolgirl Cecily von Ziegesar.

It's a role the 23-year-old actor admits he is still struggling to come to terms with. I don't let it go to my head, but I can see how it could.Gossip Girl is a little secret I share with most women of my acquaintance.Based on the antics of a group of super privileged teenagers on New York's Upper East Side, we thirty-something ladies are clearly not its target audience.He stated that many of the actors were busy with their own projects – doing blockbuster films, becoming parents, or going into music – and simply didn’t have the time. This show was one of my favorites during high school, and I still watch it on Netflix like it’s nobody’s business. I’m sure I wasn’t alone as the reveal of Gossip Girl’s true identity shook up the Internet.His on-screen love interest, Leighton Meester aka Queen B, agreed, stating a simple, “nope” when asked about a revival. We had such a great time doing that I think we all would really enjoy that.” Also adding fuel to the fire was Sebastian Stan, who played the troubled Carter Baizen.“I don’t know what the rest are up to, but I’d be down,” said Stan. I was sad when it had ended, and both happy (endgame Chuck Blair, YAS! It seemed for days, afterwards, that people were talking about how none of it really made much sense.

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Blake Lively – Serena van der Woodsen Gorgeous Blake, 27, was perfect for the role of glamourpuss Serena van der Woodsen, the privileged teenager who returned to New York in the opening season after a mysterious absence.

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