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Caught on video with Mark Bosnich, 'entertaining' several lovelies in 1998, he then partied the night away with Coronation Street starlet Tracy Shaw, publicity-hungry bimbo Alicia Douvall and chestinflated freak-show Jordan, with whom he has a son, Harvey.Yorke is no longer with Jordan and he's no longer with United, either, after Sir Alex Ferguson sold him to Blackburn, where the high life and poor performances have continued. FORM: In every classroom gang there's always the boy who's basically good, but is being led astray by stronger-willed friends. He partied in Ayia Napa with Rio Ferdinand and Kieron Dyer and he boozed at Heathrow Airport with John Terry.THERE IS ONLY so much excitement a man can take and Mark Bosnich's cup ran over at 7am yesterday, five hours before he was due to get married, when he was arrested after an altercation with a press photographer outside a Birmingham lap-dancing club.

His stag night began to deviate from plan at 1.48am, when police arrived outside the Legs Eleven nightclub in central Birmingham, summoned by Jamie Jones, an agency photographer.Later, the Duchess blew the starting horn to celebrate the launch of The Major Ronald Ferguson Golf Tournament in aid of the Prostate Cancer Network at the nearby Dummer Golf Course, and donated a crystal bowl for the winner.Major Ferguson died in 2003 after a long battle with prostate cancer.They used to call it the Beautiful Game - but all we can see today is the ugly side of football.And the real culprits are a hard core of 'bad boys' whose behaviour shames soccer.

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After his diagnosis, he campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness and funds.

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