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This table is meant as a quick-reference guide, not as the final word on how these feats work.Please click on the feat's name to see its full description and any special notes or errata not reflected here.Skill tricks are learned when a character levels up, and they must spend 2 available skill points to learn one. Each time, it applies to a new language or makes you literate in one you already know if you have taken the Illiterate trait.Skill Tricks are similar to feats, but either narrower in scope, or have some potential for failure. As you advance in level, you gain a number of benefits that improve your capabilities. Typically, a feat doesn't give you a new ability, but instead improves something you're already able to do.

Once per day ignore component cost of a binding ritual you have mastered.You can substitute Arcana for Bluff checks as part of your changeling trick power.Additionally, you can make enemies grant temporarily combat advantage to allies by using melee artificer powers against enemies granting combat advantage to you.There are some navigation links that will let you jump around the guide, and I hope you find all of this information useful.Hopefully soon we will have the History of Barbarians on Tribality, so I will leave all that up to Brandes.

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