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“She smiled at me, and the chill I’d carried in with me instantly vanished.” They exchanged flirtatious glances all through dinner, seated too far apart for actual conversation.Finally, dessert was done, and Stephen began gathering the nerve to approach her.

I try to be open minded, oops bad pun, never mind, oops another one. heck...there are folks who have a fetish for amputees. A large number of males are single in perpetuity because so many young females are mistresses of married men and followers of jocks in casual sex type relationships. but the factthat your uncle became abusive was not an emotional thing. especially to a child who probably didn't know better that to speak her mind?

We all know that looks are purely superficial, but we often judge people by their appearance, especially when we first meet them.

One in 150 people in Britain has a facial disfigurement.

Inside Out gets under the skin of the problem, and examines how looking different can affect people with facial disfigurements.

Imagine having a facial disfigurement and meeting someone for the very first time.

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