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Built from Flames of War M4A3 (late) Platoon (UBX44) plastic set this platoon includes 5 x M4A3 (late) uparmored Sherman tanks with both 75mm and 76mm turret options.

(Uparmored Sherman M4A3 tanks are FA8 SA5 in game terms.) The models are brand new and painted for sale on ebay to reinforce your American army immediately.

Granted, the theme will be more general than this site, but it will also look better. Funny thing is it's NOT the book I set out to write.

O_o But I will be done soon and then I can start the editing process. \o/ Hopefully the site will go live within a month. Some black women are and will always remain their own worst enemies.

I've already decided to back off of discussing weight because too many black women want to fight you over it.

But the sentiment was a fairly common one when it comes to control-freak BM with a warped sense of entitlement regarding other people's lives and boundaries: Now, I wouldn't mind this comment so much if it came from my father or my brothers, the only black men in my life whose opinions actually matter to me. I'm a grown a** woman, and I don't need any person's permission to live my life.

These backhanded "I give you my approval" comments annoy me because as Samuel L.

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One particular comment annoyed me for a hot minute before I remembered that it was within my ability to eliminate with extreme prejudice.

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